Peach Crisp for Two | Eating Bird Food

Peach Crisp for Two | Eating Bird Food

A healthier and delicious peach crisp for two people. Perfect for those times when you want to enjoy a special dessert, but don’t want a bunch leftover. 

Given all the salad action happening around here lately with the 10 Day Salad Challenge I thought a dessert recipe would be nice to balance things out.

In other news, I am on a serious peach kick. I’ve bought a bag from our local farmers market for two weeks straight. They’re so juicy and delicious. I can’t get enough. You can typically find me munching on one while I make breakfast each morning, but just recently I decided to remake an old EBF recipe that I posted over six years ago. I updated the recipe a bit, took new photos and here it is!

The original recipe was “Peach Crisp for One” but it’s really enough for two people so I renamed it Peach Crisp for Two. Although, truth be told I gave Isaac like two bites and polished the rest off myself so feel free to do the same. 😉

Baked fruit desserts are one of my favorites. Mainly because they’re fruity, but also because they’re typically served with ice cream and I love love LOVE ice cream. Warm baked fruit, a crunchy topping and ice cream = dessert perfection.
The problem with most crisp or cobbler recipes is that they typically use a ton of fresh fruit and make enough to serve an army. That’s where this peach crisp for two recipes comes in handy. You don’t have to use all your fresh fruit on one dessert recipe nor have a huge pan of dessert that could potentially get devoured in less than 24 hours go to waste. Hooray!


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