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Picture of American Doll

Blonde hair, wispy waist, column-like legs for 55 years, the girls’ dreams of decorating picture of American doll over the years in disguise disguised, shape entered shape. Some of these changes were made by Mattel, the official producer, as part of the marketing strategy, while others were no longer in the hands of artists because American doll picture was a popular culture.

Certainly, some of the changes American doll has undergone have disturbed someone. Generally, these people became parents because their children took role models of American doll. In the last example, the American dolls created discomfort in the wider masses. Two Argentine artists Marianela Perelli and Pool Paolini produced 33 American doll dolls of various religious figures for their exhibitions “American doll, Plastic Religion.. Even though this exhibition, which also includes the figures of Virgin Mary and Jesus, has not been opened yet, it angered certain sections, especially the Catholic clergy. In addition to Christianity, the exhibition also contained figures from beliefs such as Judaism and Buddhism. There is already a lot of interest in the work of the artists who say that they respect all religions and do not want to hurt anyone. While many galleries in Argentina state that they want to host the exhibition, artists say there are people who want to buy these dolls.
On this occasion, let’s take a look at the American dolls who created the debate in history.

American doll

In 1997 Mattel produced American doll in a pink wheelchair. Although everything looked so great this American doll‘s wheelchair could not fit into the elevator of her famous house. The company announced that it would redesign the elevator of the house.

The fact that American dolls have white skin brought to mind the question “Why is there no black American doll?.. To cover this gap, Mattel introduced various dark-skinned babies from the ’60s, but the molds they used to make these babies didn’t look beyaz black için because they were the same as those of the white race.

American doll was released in 1992, but she couldn’t pay enough attention to her words, so the parents didn’t like it. One of the words of American doll, who can say many different sentences, was “Mathematics lesson is very difficult.. Upon the reactions of the company customers who wishes to replace the new American doll said this sentence announced.

Most people agree that Hitchcock’s famous horror film “Birds hiçbir cannot inspire any child’s play. Mattel, however, would have thought the opposite: that American doll was attacked by a bird.

Launched in 2011, many parts of Tokidoki American doll‘s body were covered with tattoos. This “rebellious American doll” doesn’t want her kids to get tattoos
the parents angered him.

American doll was born in Willows, Wisconsin as the daughter of Barbara Millicent Roberts, George and Margaret Roberts. Graduated from Willows High School, American doll had many different professions from astronauts to doctors, veterinarians and hostesses. In her private life, we’ve seen American doll with her great love, Ken. In 2004, the couple decided to end their relationship and announced that they needed to be separated for a while! It didn’t take long for American doll to find a new boyfriend with this beauty. Australian surfer Blaine, with her blonde hair and fit body, suits American doll, but their relationship lasted for two years. Ken hadn’t been idle in this two-year period, he had changed his style of clothing to regain his love, and had obviously spent time in the gyms. Double
On Valentine’s Day of 2011, he made peace.

American doll was produced in 1959 by the American toy company Mattel. While watching her daughter play with her dolls, Ruth Handler, one of the founders of her husband Mattel, noticed that, even though her infant was as old as her name, her daughter liked to play by giving them adult roles. Handler recognized this gap in the market and offered his husband the idea of producing dolls with an adult body. Finally the first American doll doll was produced. Today American doll has become a worldwide icon, selling three pieces per second.