Quick Summer Vegetable Curry | Eating Bird Food

Quick Summer Vegetable Curry | Eating Bird Food

This summer vegetable curry is loaded with seasonal veggies and super easy to whip up for a vegetarian weeknight meal. Perfect for Meatless Monday!

I made this simple summer vegetable curry recipe the night we got back from our Grand Cayman babymoon trip. I shared a sneak peek on Instagram and so many of you were asking for the recipe! Ask and you shall receive.

Vegetable Curry with Curry Powder
I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but I am a huge curry fan. I’m always making different curry variations and customizing the ingredients depending on what is in season.

Since I already have a shrimp curry recipe that uses red curry paste, I thought I would switch things up for this recipe. We’re using traditional yellow curry powder and keeping the recipe vegetarian/vegan.
Of course, you can absolutely add in a protein of your choice if you want to add more protein to this curry. It would be delicious with chickpeas or even chicken or shrimp. Feel free to swap out veggies for what you have on hand or what is in season as well – curries are the perfect meal for cleaning out your fridge because you can pretty much add any veggies into the pan.
Curry in a Hurry
Curries are awesome for weeknight meals because they cook up quickly, but still have a ton of flavor, almost like they’ve been simmering all day. This particular curry only takes about 10 minutes of prep and about 15 minutes of cooking time so you can easily have a healthy dinner on the table in less than 30 minutes. Woo-hoo!

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