Raw Apple Pie Filling with Dates

Raw Apple Pie Filling with Dates

Apples are one of my favorite fruits. They’re portable, versatile, healthy and they come in so many different varieties. Pink Lady and Honey Crisp are the best varieties (in my opinion) but I also like Fuji and any other variety that’s super sweet and crisp. I can do Granny Smith from time to time as well, but I find others like Red Delicious and Gala too soft or mealy. And if there’s one thing I despise, it’s mealy apples. I just can’t do it.

This fall I’ve been playing around with a bunch of apple recipes for a project I’m working on with Free People.
One apple recipe I came up with while experimenting was an apple pie filling of sorts without any thickeners or processed sugar — just raw chopped apples, date puree and spices.

It turned out to be absolutely delicious! The date puree gives the filling a lovely sweet, caramel flavor and the apples stay nice and crunchy (just the way I like them)! I hadn’t ever used date puree as a sweetener before but after this recipe I realized that I really like the flavor and I’ve already started experimenting with a couple different ideas.

To make a batch of this apple filling you’ll need a few fresh apples, a little time to soak your dates, some spices and a blender. And that’s it. It really couldn’t be easier!

So what do you do with this filling?
Well, I deem it totally acceptable to eat the filling by itself with a spoon, but I also thought of a million (okay maybe 10) different ways this stuff could be used — as a topping for ice cream,  stuffed into crepes, as a base for an apple crumble,…

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