Seattle’s Victrola Coffee On How To Brew A Perfect Cup

Is there anything more classically Seattle than a good, strong cup of coffee? Thought not. As such, we got the experts over at Seattle-based Victrola Coffee to share how, exactly, to brew a perfect pour-over, a brewing method favored by coffee aficionados the world over. (And should the process seem a wee bit involved, don’t worry: There is such a thing as an automatic pour-over.)

Victrola Coffee’s Pour-Over Instructions

To do a pour-over, we suggest gathering the following items: Victrola Coffee beans, a quality burr grinder, a digital scale, a timer, a pour-over funnel, filters and a mug or carafe. It is optional to have a pour over stand to put your funnel on, otherwise you will just place the funnel directly on the mug.

Begin by placing your paper filter into your funnel.

Using your digital scale weigh your coffee beans. You want 1.75-2 grams per ounce. For a 12 oz. coffee, you want 21-24 grams of beans.

Place your weighed beans in your burr grinder, and grind to a medium fine consistency. If your grinder is labeled 1-10, 1 being the finest grind, we would recommend grinding on a 4.

Begin heating your filtered water. You will want the final temperature of your water to be between 195ºF-205ºF.

Pour some of your heated water over your filter (which is in the funnel), allowing it to drip down to your carafe/mug. This will result in heating your funnel and carafe/mug.

Once you have drained your rinse water from you carafe/mug, evenly pour your freshly ground coffee into the filter. Place your funnel with your filter in it onto your carafe/mug/stand. Then place your carafe/mug onto your digital scale and zero out the scale.

With your pouring kettle, slowing pre-wet the coffee grounds using only enough to wet the grounds without water pouring through. At the same time start your timer to track water coffee contact time.

Allow the coffee to bloom for 45sec if the coffee is less than 5 days off roast. Allow to bloom for 30sec if the coffee is 5 days or more off roast.

Once the bloom time has elapsed, slowly pour with your pouring kettle starting at the center of your coffee grounds working your way to the sides in concentric circles.

Once you have reached the finished weight of the brew, 300 grams for a 12 oz., stop pouring. Allow the coffee to drip through to finish.