Social Media for Small Business

Getting Social Media

Not traditionally a part of SEO, at least according to some companies, social media is being seen more and more as an integral part of on-page and off-page SEO, rather than a separate entity. Today, your Facebook page displayed on your main website page, as well as share buttons, will allow you to get more traffic, more visibility, and a better reputation. The more that you’re talked about, the better off your company is going to be. Improve your reputation by using social media regularly, and get your company on the map.

People Power

One trick that many companies do not use, but which is very successful, is branding not just the company, but the people who work there. Get your employees to mention their jobs on their social media sites; encourage them to post and to become known on the social media pages that the company builds. Real people who are part of the company and out there talking about it are a big draw to new and prospective customers. Rather than keeping your business a professional entity that is formal and unknown, allowing the staff and employees to interact on company pages gives a face and a personality to your business.

SEO can be the best thing that has ever happened to your company, saving you time, saving you money, and offering an increased return on investment and an improved bottom line. Even if you are using PPC advertising, SEO should be an integral part of your online activities, helping to improve your business reputation and increase the effectiveness of your advertising.