Solving Problems of Low Water Pressure in Homes

Does your water tank take too much time to get filled up? Do you often face low water in the kitchen taps? Reason might be whatsoever; low water problems often become frustrating for any home owner. If you are looking to cope with the issues of low water pressure, you may think of installing a water pump in your home or there are a few things that you can do to fix the low water pressure problems.

Low water pressure problems can be caused by a number of issues in the plumbing system. These issues can be solved easily however you need to find out the foundation of these issues. The first thing that you need to check is to find out if the low water pressure is affecting the entire home or there are some specific things that are affected due to low water pressure.

Low Water Pressure

Shower Heads

Low water pressure in the shower heads is pretty usual issue. If you are facing disruptions in the shower panels, you should check if all other taps in your home are delivering enough amount of water and there should be no lags. In this case, you should open the shower head and continue turning the tap on. Note that, if your shower pipeline is getting enough water pressure then the problem is clear. You have to clean the pores of the shower head since they are not letting water to come out of them.

Bathroom Faucet

If your bathroom faucet is facing problems then you should check if the aerator is causing the problem? Try removing the aerator and testing the faucet if it is receiving adequate amount of pressure. If it does receive enough water in the hoses then you will have to clean or replace the aerator. If changing the aerator doesn’t solve the problem, then the cause could be the faucet itself. Now, remove the faucet and check if your household water hoses are receiving enough water. If you feel that the pressure is normal when removing the faucet, then the problem is in the faucet and you will have to replace that as soon as possible.


Slow filling toilet is a very common issue. If you can’t fill the toilet tanks easily, these problems can be solved easily just by replacing the fill valve. To make sure what problem are you facing, you may shut off the angle stop (main valve which is driving water inside your home) then opening the upper part of flex line and directing it into the bucket. Turn the tap on and check the pressure of water by turning on the angle stop. If you feel that the pressure is normal then the problem is in the fill valve, either clean it or replace the valve.

There might be some other reasons behind such as the water pressure is quite low in your area. To solve these issues, you may install a water pump in your home courtyard and start enjoying a pressurized water supply in your home.