Strawberry Chia Pudding with a Chocolate Drizzle

Strawberry Chia Pudding with a Chocolate Drizzle

Creamy coconut milk, chia seeds and sweet strawberries are mixed together and topped with a drizzle of chocolate to make this decadent Chocolate Covered Strawberry Chia Pudding. No one will ever guess it’s vegan and paleo-friendly!

I know we still have a little time, but I’m ready to start celebrating Valentine’s Day. Anyone else?
If I’m being honest, I’ve had my heart wreath up for over a month. I’m such a sucker for Valentine’s Day decor because it’s one of my favorite holidays. Not because I’m super sappy (which I am occasionally) but because Valentine’s Day is also my birthday. We call it Birth-Valentine’s Day.

Yes, my mom always says I’m her favorite Valentine’s Day gift and yes, Isaac has to get me double the presents. It’s great. The one thing that’s not so great? Trying to make dinner reservations on my birthday. For this reason we usually stay in and cook dinner ourselves. If you’re planning to do the same, I have just the dessert for you.

It’s this chocolate covered strawberry chia seed pudding a.k.a the creamiest chia seed pudding I’ve ever eaten.
Using Coconut Milk for Chia Pudding
The base for the pudding is simply coconut milk (the full-fat, canned kind) blended with strawberries and vanilla. I found it plenty sweet with just the berries, but you can add a little natural sweetener like honey or maple syrup if you’d like.

You add the chia seeds to the strawberry coconut milk. Let them do their thang for a bit. They’ll gel up and the mixture will become the consistency of pudding.

Once it’s ready you simply put the…

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