Strawberry Shortcake Quinoa Parfait

Strawberry Shortcake Quinoa Parfait

Layers of sweetened quinoa with Greek yogurt and strawberries make for a strawberry shortcake quinoa parfait that’s loaded with protein. Naturally sweetened and great for dessert or breakfast!

The other night Isaac and I were still a little hungry after dinner and were searching the kitchen for a snack. I can’t remember what we had for dinner, but obviously it wasn’t filling enough. Anyhow, we had a pint of local strawberries in the fridge and one of us mentioned something about making strawberry shortcakes for dessert and it sounded perfect.
Of course we didn’t have whipped cream or shortbread so I had to get creative with what we had on hand. I thought about making a gluten-fee angel food cake or shortbread with quinoa flour but it was a little late to start a whole baking project so I decided to try sweetening up some cooked quinoa I had sitting in the fridge. I added a little almond milk, some maple syrup and vanilla. I liked the result so then I started layering it with Greek yogurt and the fresh berries for a simple parfait.

It turned out to be really tasty and completely satisfied our craving for strawberry shortcake.  Even Isaac went back for seconds and was like, “Oh, this is really good!”

I’ve been making quinoa parfaits for years — my first one can actually be spotted here. Just don’t judge my photography skills. 🙂
So obviously this version is much prettier, but it’s also a tad sweeter so you can easily serve it as a dessert. That said, it can totally be served for breakfast as well. It’s plenty healthy (loaded with…

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