Sunbutter Backpack Kisses + Healthy Back-To-School Meals

Sunbutter Backpack Kisses + Healthy Back-To-School Meals

Made with sunbutter, flaxseed, hemp seeds, raisins, chocolate chips and a splash of maple syrup these healthy no-bake bites are packed with flavor, kid-approved and nut-free so they’re safe for school!

I’ve been out of school for a few years (more than I’d like to admit) and we don’t have any kiddos, but I still enjoy back-to-school season. I was one of those kids who liked school so I think part of it is nostalgia. Back-to-school clothes shopping was always so fun and I loved buying new school supplies. Backpacks, lunch boxes, crayons, pens and treats for school lunches! Gah, now I want to go shopping.
For most families, the school-year structure requires more meal planning and prepping — especially if you’re trying to make sure the meals are healthy. To help you out in this department, I’m teaming up with some of my favorite blogging ladies AND Udi’s Gluten Free to bring you a plethora of healthy meal ideas ranging from quick breakfast options to packable sandwiches, snacks and easy weeknight dinners. All the meals are gluten-free and some are Paleo. Woot-woot!!

And don’t worry, you don’t have to have kids or be going back to school to enjoy these recipes — they suitable for any and all ages! Ready to see the recipes? Let’s do it!

Taylor’s Mexican Avocado Spread Sandwich with Sprouts

These sandwiches are made with Udi’s gluten-free bread and layered with a creamy Mexican avocado spread, spicy sprouts, fresh tomatoes and crunchy cucumber slices. They’re an easy, healthy meatless lunch option for work or school lunch…

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