Sweet Autumn Turkey Sandwich | Eating Bird Food

Sweet Autumn Turkey Sandwich | Eating Bird Food

This healthy autumn turkey sandwich is packed with sweet flavor — crispy apples slices, roasted sweet potato and hummus.

The sweet-savory lover in me is going wild for this sandwich! It has just the right amount of sweetness paired with a hint of savory and spice. Plus, it has a fall theme going on that makes me so happy right now.

Just look at those layers — so many flavors and textures.

Let’s take a closer look at what’s inside…

Turkey, apples and hummus… oh my! 🙂
I’ve been using hummus as a sandwich spread and a base for tuna salad for years so having these spreads in convenient condiment-style packaging is awesome. I also love the different flavors. Since childhood I’ve been a honey mustard fanatic so the honey mustard is definitely my favorite, but I could see the sea salt & pepper being delicious on this egg and hummus breakfast wrap and the garlic herb would be awesome in my no mayo tuna salad.

Okay so back to this Autumn Turkey Sandwich. It’s got so many delicious flavors, creaminess from the avocado and hummus along with crispy texture from the apple slices. Plus, it holds together well. This is key because you can easily pack it for lunch. Pair it with some raw veggies or an apple and you’ve got yourself a satisfying fall meal.
The sandwich is so simple to put together too. The only real prep work is roasting your sweet potato slices. I made a big batch of sweet potato toast earlier in the week so I already had the roasted sweet potato slices ready to go. If you haven’t roasted a sweet potato ahead of time, you can easily use the…

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