Sweet Potato Brownie Bites (Vegan + Gluten-Free)

Sweet Potato Brownie Bites (Vegan + Gluten-Free)

Sneak some veggies into your brownies with these vegan + gluten-free sweet potato brownie bites. No one has to know the secret ingredient!

I’ve always had a love for sweet potatoes, but the day I figured out just how good sweet potatoes work for making decadent gluten-free brownies, that love was magnified by 1,000 percent.

Seriously, I’m hooked on these healthy sweet tater brownies. I’ve made them so many times already and I don’t think I’ll be slowing down any time soon. Especially given the fact that the holidays are right around the corner and I always turn into a baking queen as soon as the season hits.
The baking has obviously already started.

I stumbled upon the idea for these sweet potato brownie bites through listening to podcasts about intermittent fasting and carb cycling, two health/fitness trends I’ve been researching more about lately. One interview I listened to was with Michael Morelli, the author of The Sweet Potato Diet. He mentioned one of his favorite recipes for sweet potato brownies and I immediately became curious and had to try them.
They were rich, delicious and super fudgy. Here’s proof.

Anyhow, we loved Michael’s recipe, but I started toying with the idea of doing a vegan version and maybe turning it into a skillet brownie recipe. I made cast iron skillet sweet potato brownies and they were a big hit at a workout happy hour I attended. However, I tragically burned my arm on the skillet, which made me reconsider that whole idea and try brownie bites in a mini muffin tin instead.
I love the crunchy edges of brownies and I…

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