Table Settings for a Dinner Party

So now that you are a grown up with a real job and not sharing a two bedroom with 4 other room mates, it is time to start having people over for dinner. This can take on many forms from the casual pizza and paper plates in front of the TV to a more fancy affair of sitting at the dining room table and using actual metal silverware. So when you are having someone over that you are looking to impress, how do you know how to set the table to stun? If you are like most modern day millennials, hipsters or overworked moms you might not have the traditional set of china, sterling silverware and a gravy boat. When do you scrap the plates from the Goodwill and go all out for new, matching and expensive?

Some things to consider:

– What are you having for dinner?

– How many people?

– What do you already have?

After we moved into the new house, it was time to host out first official dinner party. Now we have had people over before but it was always casual and there was never a need for matching the dinnerware. But when you invite your parents over for the first time you still want to impress them, even as an adult. I took a quick survey of what I already had and most of it was crap; mismatched silverware, Ikea plates with chips and candles that were half burned to stumpy blobs. In this modern age of smart phones, apps and email blasts there is never a reason to pay full retail. I gathered up all of my coupon options and decide to shop! Mid-tier stores like Target, Pier 1 and Cost plus can be a gold mine. Thankfully in my neighborhood they are all close by, so shopping at all 3 was a breeze. I have to admit that I did a Google image search for table settings to get some ideas. So with my screen caps in tow, I started my mixing and matching adventure. I sprawled my finds onto the table displays in the middle of the stores so I could see if this went with that and if that matched this. I had no shame in pulling everything off the shelf and unfolding items. I asked random strangers if they thought this yellow plate matched the wicker charger. I wanted my table to look pretty. I wanted mom to walk in and say “Wow this is beautiful”.

I have to admit that my shopping adventure was not cheep. For a table setting for four people it cost me about $450, and that was before I bought any food. But these are also items that I can mix and match with the seasons. My color pallet while bright, is not so trendy that it will be out of fashion in a few years. When you move into your first real home as an adult you start to accumulate all of these little “things” that make it a beautiful home. And if you don’t have that stylish touch you can always Google it.