Tahini Fig Bars

Tahini Fig Bars

These no bake tahini fig bars are chewy, nutty (without any nuts) and loaded with powerhouse ingredients. Make a batch on the weekend and have a delicious, healthy snack all week long. Nut free and dairy-free.

I think I’m most successful with my health goals when I have food prepped and ready for the week. Even as a health coach, it can be difficult to resist temptations when I don’t have healthy options on hand. I tend to reach for easy, convenience foods that don’t make me feel as well. But lately I’ve been really good with my batch cooking on Sundays, which is my favorite way to meal prep. I prep a bunch of different items — like grilled chicken, a quinoa salad and some roasted veggies — so when it comes time to eat, I can throw together all the components and make a quick salad or bowl. Healthy eating is really that simple!

When it comes to snacks, I have become hooked on fresh veggies (like carrot chips, mini bell peppers, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes and celery) with dip (usually hummus or Bolthouse Farm’s cilantro avocado dressing). It’s amazing how satisfying crunchy veggies with dip can be. I typically chop some of the veggies in advance and place them front and center at eye level in the fridge so when I open it up, it’s the first thing I see and grab. This little trick works like a charm for healthy snacking.

However, I’ll admit sometimes I’m craving something a little more substantial and errr… chocolatey. So recently I created these tahini fig bars, which are basically like the fruit and nut granola bars you’d find at the…

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