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The Cozy Gift That Never Disappoints

I’m a pretty awful gift giver. It’s not my love language. When many people out there are hoping for cars or a brand new phone, I’m thinking practical and how I’d love someone to buy me kitchen drawer organizers. Then it makes me think others want that, too. But I get it, not everyone cares about organizing their kitchen on Christmas. Luckily I have one other gift that truly never disappoints – UGG. If you’ve never put your feet into a pair of UGG slippers, you may not understand the hype. But MAN, they are the absolute BEST. And your loved one will wear them every single day. Does a gift get better than that? I guess a car is pretty cool, too.

PaleOMG - The Cozy Gift That Never Disappoints

I recently just loaded up on some UGG pajamas, robes and slippers for Christmas Day because there is nothing I’d rather wear than pajamas. And now I’ve been wearing all these pieces every single day! The pajamas are the perfect thickness for a day in front of the fireplace, the robe is insanely soft and cozy, and the slippers are LIFE CHANGING! I don’t know how I’ve gone this long without a pair. And they are really coming in handy now that we have a house with wood stairs that are just waiting for me to eat it and take a long, long tumble. These Scuffette II Slippers are lined with genuine shearling to keep your feet extra cozy with a rubber sole to grip on any kind of floor. They are simply AWESOME! I keep them right next to my bed for when I wake up and right next to our garage door so I can slip them on the moment I get home! I never want to take them off.

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PaleOMG - The Cozy Gift That Never Disappoints