Things to Consider When Choosing Formal Bridal Shower Invitations

There are a number of things to consider when choosing formal bridal shower invitations, including the guest list, season of the party, and more. A bridal shower is a party thrown for a bride-to-be after her engagement and before her wedding.

The point of the bridal shower is to shower the bride with gifts, often from her bridal registry, before her big day. Usually, the bridal shower is thrown by the maid of honor. It is considered poor taste for a relative to host a bridal shower, however, as the purpose of the party is to collect gifts for the bride. The bridal shower should be thrown by a close friend of the bride. These days, since sisters often are a bride’s maid of honor, sometimes bridal showers are hosted by family members. A bride should never, ever throw a bridal shower for herself though. Some bridal showers have themes, and some brides have entire series of bridal showers. If you are throwing a formal bridal shower for a close friend, here are some considerations to take before ordering the invitations.

Bridal Shower Invitations Idea

Guest List

How many people are you inviting to this bridal shower? A bridal shower should be an intimate affair and usually involves between five and twenty women. Bridal showers are only for the close family and friends of the bride. You do not need to invite every single person who is invited to the wedding to the bridal shower. Under no circumstances, however, should you invite someone to the bridal shower who will not be invited to the wedding. This is completely unacceptable no matter how small the wedding is. It is the equivalent of asking someone to send a gift for a party they are not invited to. Some modern bridal showers are mixed company with men and women. If this is the case, your invitees will need to understand if they are being invited as a couple or whether this is a women only event.



Brides get very busy in the time before their weddings. You should probably plan your bridal shower about two months before the actual wedding. If the happy couple has not actually chosen a date for the wedding, though, you should not be planning a bridal shower at all. Once you have picked a date for the shower, you are going to want to send out paper invitations to the even four to six weeks before the shower. Always make sure with the bride and her family that the date works for them before you have any invitations printed. You don’t want to be surprised to learn that your bride will be unable to attend her own shower because she already has another obligation to attend to.


Formal, Paper Invitations

Order your invitations from a fine stationer. You are going through the trouble and expense of planning a formal bridal shower. Do not send out a Facebook or Evite invitation to your guests. Go to a stationer that specializes in printing invitations and custom order them. You can try ordering your invitations online, but if you order them online you won’t get the chance to inspect the quality of paper firsthand or see how the colors you chose look in natural and artificial light.

Don’t order invitations that are nicer than the wedding invitations are going to be. The bridal shower is not supposed to be as formal as the wedding. You probably should not be considering a formal bridal shower if you know that the bride is going to have a backyard barbecue wedding.

Wording and Details

A formal bridal shower invitation should be simple and elegant. Do not attempt to be funny and include a poem you wrote about the bride or some cute pun about the couple. Do not include your name in the invitation. For example, write “You are invited to a shower in honor of …” rather than “(Your name) proudly invites you to a shower for…” You need to include the date and time for the event. You can include your own name as the person to RSVP to, and don’t forget to include a date that guests must RSVP by. This is especially important if you are hosting the bridal shower somewhere like a restaurant where you need a final head count.

You should also indicate on the invitation what type of event this is going to be. Your guests know they are attending a bridal shower. Should they expect to eat at your party? You need to indicate if dinner, brunch or tea will be served. You should also indicate if the bridal shower you are throwing is a cocktail party. Most bridal showers do not include full meals, but your guests should be made aware if they should eat ahead of time.

Regarding Registry

Do not include a note stating where the bride is registered. It is your job as the hostess to make sure that everyone knows where the bride is registered, but you cannot include a request for gifts right in the invitation. Instead, tell all of the guests where the bride is registered when they contact you to RSVP. This is also a good time for you to mention what kind of attire would be appropriate for this event. Your invitation is not going to read “formal bridal shower.” Lots of bridal showers are extremely casual events. If you have made reservations in a nice restaurant or you are expecting everyone to wear a cocktail dress, your guests need to know that.

Order Invitations Ahead of Time

Do not wait for the last second to order your formal bridal invitations. Sometimes, printers make mistakes. You need to order the invitations with enough of a cushion period to proof the invites, then wait for a second set just in case there is some error in printing. Putting off ordering the invitations means that you are also putting off sending the invitations off. Thus, you are giving your guests less notice for your party and increasing the chances of losing guests to other obligations. You wouldn’t want to risk throwing a party no one can attend thanks to poor organizing.