Toaster Oven Tofu | Eating Bird Food

Toaster Oven Tofu | Eating Bird Food

Our kitchen is pretty much overloaded with kitchen appliances — name one and we probably have it. I mean we even have a Garlic Zoom, a tofu press and an avocado slicer.

Although he doesn’t say it, I think Isaac sometimes gets annoyed by all my kitchen gadgets, but I like them and I actually use most of them regularly… well maybe not the avocado slicer, but we’ll keep that a secret. Plus, I let Isaac have a whole room of our house dedicated to his beer collection and brewing equipment so I think I deserve to have as many kitchen gadgets as I’d like. 😉
Anyhow, if I had to choose which of our kitchen appliances were my favorite (excluding the big ones like the oven, garbage disposal and dishwasher), my Vitamix would definitely top the list, but our toaster oven would be right up there with it. I should clarify that it’s not just any toaster, it’s a Toastation toaster and oven so it has the slots for toast, but it’s also an oven!

We use it for toasting bread (obviously), but we also use it for all sorts of other things, namely heating up leftovers and cooking quick meals. It’s seriously so much better for leftovers than the microwave — things come out of the toaster oven crisp and hot instead of limp and wet. If you’re a leftover hater and you don’t own a toaster oven, you should probably add one to your holiday wish list because it might change your mind about leftovers.

A couple months ago Hamilton Beach (which is headquartered in RVA!) reached out to me about partnering on a couple blog posts. I immediately agreed — we already…

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