Trail Mix Coconut Butter Cups

Trail Mix Coconut Butter Cups

Easy 4-ingredient trail mix coconut butter cups that are vegan, gluten-free and paleo-friendly.

My love for trail mix runs deep. It’s been one of my fav snacks for ages and it’s the main reason I named my site “Eating Bird Food.” Hence the reason I have a ton of healthy trail mix recipes here on EBF.

And if you’ve been following me on Instagram you’ll know that lately I’ve been having a moment with coconut butter. I posted my coconut butter recipe a few weeks ago, but have since realized that making coconut butter in my Vitamix is crazy fast and easy. Coconut butter in the food processor (affiliate link) takes about 11-15 minutes, but it literally takes 1-2 minutes in the Vitamix and it comes out super smooth and drippy.

It’s amazing. The secret is making sure your quantity of unsweetened coconut fills up the container so it doesn’t get stuck under the blades. I’ve found that one bag of the Trader Joe’s unsweetened coconut flakes (which is about 3-4 cups) is perfect. Now that I’ve figured out this quick method for making drippy coconut butter, I’ve been making it just about every week and using it so many ways — as a snack (straight up with a spoon), as a spread, in smoothies and making a few special treats like these trail mix coconut butter cups.
An old favorite (trail mix) and a new favorite (coconut butter) come together for one easy and delicious treat — oh yeah!!

Coconut butter is a healthy fat that’s loaded with health benefits, but the main reason I love these coconut butter cups is because they’re so rich and…

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