Tropical Oatmeal

Tropical Oatmeal

A creamy bowl of oats with tropical flavors from banana and coconut.

Nothing warms me up like a bowl of oatmeal on a cold morning especially if it involves flavors that make me think of white sand, suntan lotion and piña coladas. This bowl of oatmeal does just that with flavors of both banana and coconut. It’s delightful… and now one of my favorite oatmeal variations.

The star ingredient is this Almondmilk Coconutmilk Blend. I have a slight obsession with the regular unsweetened vanilla almond milk so when I saw this new version at Kroger (on sale nonetheless) I had to buy it!

I like it because it’s unsweetened and has pretty much the same nutritional facts as their unsweetened vanilla almond milk — low calories, 50% more calcium than regular milk and no sugar! Plus it’s soy and gluten-free!!
A first sip I wasn’t super excited about the flavor, but that’s no surprise because I don’t really like to drink any milk product (dairy or non-dairy) on it’s own. The amazing flavor it brought to the oats more than makes up for it! I’d honestly buy it for the sole purpose of making oats, but I’m sure I’ll find other uses as well. 🙂

So if you’re in the mood for a tasty bowl of oats that will have you daydreaming about exotic islands give this little combo a shot. If you can’t find the almond/coconut milk blend, you could always use half almond milk and half coconut milk.
The first time I made this I used a little stevia to sweeten it up, but left it out the second time. I’ve found that the oats don’t really need any extra sweetness — a…

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