Vegan Peach Muesli | Eating Bird Food

Vegan Peach Muesli | Eating Bird Food

This vegan peach muesli is packed with whole grains and seeds. Make ahead of time for a quick, delicious breakfast on the go! Vegan and gluten-free. 

During HLS I had the pleasure of hearing Dawn Jackson Blatner, RD and author of the The Flexitarian Diet, speak. She talked about “R.A.W. Blogging (Realistic & Achievable Wellness)” and featured:

Plant-based eating trends
Three steps to starting & sticking to a plant-based diet
Starter grocery list
Protein swap chart
Ten ways to go plant-based via super grains and colorful veggies
Key cooking techniques to get even die-hard carnivores to love their veggies such as the “coffee-principle”, flavor-flavor training and umami.

During her presentation she mentioned using Quaker oats to make muesli for breakfast.
What is muesli?
Muesli was introduced in the early 1900’s by a Swiss physician for patients in his hospital. Traditional muesli calls for more fruit than grains and includes grated apple, lemon juice, cream, nuts and just 1 tablespoon of rolled oats soaked in water. Today most muesli recipes are grain based. You can buy packaged muesli in the cereal section or make your own by combining oats, fresh fruit, dried fruit, nuts and spices and soaking the mix in water, juice or milk.

Last night I decided to make my own muesli recipe using a peach that was ripening rather quickly. After a little chopping, mixing and 8 hours of soaking, I woke up to a perfect bowl of peach muesli.

Muesli reminds me a lot of overnight oats, but this mixture was heavier on the fruit and had more liquid than most of my overnight oat combos….

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