Vegan Tofu “Chicken” Salad | Eating Bird Food

Vegan Tofu “Chicken” Salad | Eating Bird Food

Homestyle vegan chicken salad made with tofu, almonds, celery, onion and raisins tossed in a creamy vegan dressing. This salad is delicious, protein packed and great for sandwiches and wraps. Vegan and gluten-free.

The warm weather has me craving salads again!

Anyhow, let’s chat about today’s recipe!

The whole idea for this salad came from a friend. She mentioned that she LOVES the Vegan Chicken Salad from the Whole Foods prepared foods section but that it hasn’t been there in a few months. I have a knack for recreating recipes from my favorite spots so I quickly offered to try recreating it so she could make her fav vegan chicken salad at home.

Whole Foods Vegan Chicken Salad
After a little research I discovered that there are two different types of Vegan Chicken Salad served at Whole Foods — one that uses soy “chicken” nuggets as the base (meh!) and one that uses tofu. I’m not a huge fan of processed soy products, plus the tofu version seemed lighter and healthier so I went that route. Hopefully it’s the one my friend likes. Fingers crossed.

I’ve actually never had the vegan chicken salad from WF but I’m loving this version SO much. It’s loaded with flavor, has a nice crunch and works great for sandwiches and wraps. I even had two meat-eating guys try the chicken salad and they both said it was great, so boom!

And on a nutrition side of things, the salad is pretty healthy — the tofu is loaded with plant-based protein so each serving gives you 15 grams! Plus, you’re loading up on all the veggies in the salad as well. There is mayo involved,…

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