Vegetarian Mezze Platter

Vegetarian Mezze Platter

Learn how to build an epic vegetarian mezze platter with hummus, tzatziki, fresh vegetables, olives, and pita! This Mediterranean snack plate works great as an appetizer for potlucks and dinner parties.  

I’m all about vegetable trays and love making them for parties, but sometimes they can get a little boring. Combine that with the fact that I’ve been on a Mediterranean kick lately and boom, this mezze platter was born. A mezze platter isn’t anything new (I certainly didn’t come up with the idea), but it’s such a fun spin on a traditional vegetable tray or charcuterie board.

What is a Mezze Platter?
Mezze is a compilation of Mediterranean small dishes that all go together. It’s common to serve mezze as part of dinner but let’s be real, this platter makes for an awesome smörgåsbord dinner on its own.

What to Include on a Mezze Platter
There are so many different things you can use to make an epic mezze platter. The fun part is choosing which items you want to include. Here are some of my favorites:

fresh vegetables
pita bread or pita chips
marcona almonds
stuffed grape leaves
dips of choice: I used hummus, tzatziki and Cava’s Crazy Feta for this one

For this recipe, I’m not giving exact measurements of ingredients or nutritional information, because there are so many different snacks and dips that you can add to your mezze platter. Have fun experimenting!

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