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What Happens if You Don’t Repair a Torn Meniscus

Meniscus is a common problem in athletes. However, another little known fact is that meniscus is a problem that can be seen in all ages. Meniscus is a very common discomfort in children, especially considering the researches of researchers in recent years. The meniscus problem cannot be understood because children are mobile. Or, the child is considered to be small in the following years will not be treated with the thought of recovery. According to the researchers, this condition in children should be repaired as soon as possible.
If the meniscus is not repaired, the child may face more serious problems when he / she grows up. The main problems are; Pain in the knee, calcification, rheumatism, knee locking.
The meniscus should be repaired as soon as possible.

The meniscus seen in adults and adults can be repaired by surgery. Symptoms are pain in the knee during sitting and getting up as in children. If the meniscus is left untreated, it may cause more serious problems in old age. Being unable to walk and being paralyzed is one of the leading ones.