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What is the 2 Day Diet

The two day diet is based on the principle, that if you watch your carb and other intakes for two days out of the week, you will lose more weight than people who diet all the time. When tested under scientific conditions, it was found that women who used a two day diet could lose up to three times as much weight as those who went on a conventional, no carb, and fifteen-hundred calorie diet. This diet also claims to be able to reduce the chances of breast cancer in women who have a family history of the illness. The diet may also increase weight loss after you have stopped it!

How the 2 Day Diet Works

The main focus of this diet, is to get you to eat no carbs, and sticking to about six-hundred calories for two days out of the week. The intention is to change the way your metabolism handles food, and digests, while still letting you eat largely what you want. Compared to many other diets, the food choices are not very restrictive. Two days is not long enough for your body to enter starvation mode, but gives it enough time to release endorphins that burn fat. It is also easier for people who have a hard time staying on a diet to follow.

What Experts Say about the 2 Day Diet

It is generally accepted that the stomach needs a certain period of rest between large food fests. This diet provides that in most capacities, but ensures that you do not go hungry in the interim. This makes it one of the most highly lauded diets by nutritionists, as you can manage your diet in largely the same way, while still maintaining continuous weight loss. Weight loss is the primary goal of this diet, so actual reorientation of base eating habits are not generally taken into account.

Pros and Cons to the 2 Day Diet


The two day diet is very easy to stick with, because it is so open. It also can help you lose weight much faster than conventional dieting methods. Mixing up the amount you ingest on any given day also shocks your metabolism into working though other undigested foods you may have eaten earlier in the week.


Although it is easier for some people to stick with this diet, lack of extremely short term results can be a little disheartening for some people. It is also very easy to “cheat” on such a lax diet, which can make it harder for people to follow the dietary plans to the letter.

Sample 2 Day Diet Meal Plan

Because you are allowed to eat whatever you want five out of the seven days, dietary plans are not as important on those days. These are recommended meals for the two days that you are dieting.


For calorie counting days, a breakfast of egg whites, whole grain toast, and some veggies make a perfect plate.


Soups, salads, and low calorie veggies are the way to go for lunch on calorie counting days. Squash is a great nutrient rich and filling vegetable for lunch or a snack later in the day.


Ginger stir fry is a great choice for dinner, even on days that you are not dieting. Alternatives include soy pastas and more soups to make sure you are full, but still under calorie count for the day.