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What is the 3 Apple a Day Diet

You’ve heard the idea about eating an apple a day keeps the dentist away, but did you also know that there are diets based around consuming apples? One of the most well-known diet is the 3 Apple a Day Diet. Taking a closer look at it will help you get an idea of how it works.

3 Apple a Day Diet

The premise of this diet is to eat an apple before every main meal. It is meant to help you fill up on a great source of fiber so that you will eat fewer calories at the actual meal. The other part of the plan is that it will help to reduce cravings because of the natural sweetness you are already consuming.

How the 3 Apple a Day Diet Works

Besides filling up on good, soluble fiber before you start eating your meal, you are also going to follow a bit of a plan on what you eat. The meal plan calls for a reduced amount of saturated fats eaten and a low amount of carbohydrates consumed, similarly to that in the South Beach Diet. In addition, simple sugars that are refined must be reduced and complex carbs with a high glycemic index increased. Those on the diet are also encouraged to eat 4 or 5 times a day, smaller meals. The foods should be low fat and healthy, comprised of lean proteins. Dieters are also encouraged to eat six servings of veggies and fruits daily.

What Experts Say about the 3 Apple a Day Diet

In a study at Penn State it was found that a regular diet high in apple consumption reduced overall calorie intake. The results of 59 women and men were compared to get the findings. These findings were only good when it was an actual apple that was consumed and not applesauce of equivalent calories or apple juice with added fiber. The findings lead many to believe part of what works is “the chewing involved” with consuming a raw apple.

Pros and Cons to the 3 Apple a Day Diet

Some of the advantages of the diet include the fact that apples are so healthy for you. They have flavonoids that have been shown to aid in the prevention of cancer, heart disease and stroke. The meal plans aren’t exceedingly restrictive, allowing for a range of veggies, fruits and lean proteins. Apples are also full of fiber which is very useful in any diet plan.

The downside of the diet is the fact it can be very repetitive and difficult for a person to eat three apples every day.  It does eliminate quite a few foods and doesn’t really provide a person the chance to indulge in their favorites when they want to.

Sample 3 Apple a Day Diet Meal Plan

Knowing what it may look like to try this diet can help you with the decision if it’s right for you or not. Here is a sample of what you might eat on any given day.


For breakfast you’ll have an apple followed with a cheese omelet and a cup of oatmeal fully cooked.


For lunch you’ll start with an apple and follow it with grilled chicken breast, two cups of steamed veggies and brown rice (1/2 cup).


For dinner you’ll have an apple with a grilled salmon on top of salad greens.


You can snack on nonfat yogurt, low-fat cottage cheese, celery, carrots and even an afternoon coffee shake that is low-calorie.