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What is the 4 Day Diet

The name the 4 Day Diet may be a little confusing to some. The name does not mean that the diet will only last 4 days, but rather that there are different modules that will last a total of 4 days each. The idea is that focusing on 4 days of dieting is much easier than doing so every day of the week. The use of the modules also helps you increase the variety of food in the meal plan. So getting bored with your meals is a bit difficult.

How the 4 Day Diet Works

There are several 4 day modules or segments, so there will be changes to the way you exercise and eat every four days. That means that your body has to adjust to all the changes in exercise and diet, and that should translate into weight loss. The modules start at introduction and then go to transition, protein stretch, smooth, push, pace and vigorous. The program lasts for a month, but you could customize your own program. Each one of those modules has a different purpose and goal, from detoxification all the way to attempting to lose the most weight.

What Experts Say about the 4 Day Diet

Elisa Zied, who is the spokeswoman for the American Dietetic Association, likes the emphasis on modest portions and healthy foods. She sees the updates to goals through the diet period as a good thing. She also, however, notes that the diet itself can be restrictive. Some nutrients, like vitamin D and calcium, are put on the backburner. Some days the calorie intake is also a little too low.

Pros and Cons to the 4 Day Diet


The diet is a new, interesting and unique approach which can get the dieter’s attention. It is great for those that can get bored by eating the same meals each day. Your preferences as a dieter are also taken into account and the program can be customized to you. The importance of goal setting is highlighted and there is no requirement for supplements or special foods. Recipes are also included in the program.


The first con is that the plan unfortunately does not take into account calorie and nutritional variations for each individual. The plan itself tells you what foods you can eat in a day but it does not put it into individual meal plans. If you prefer to follow a routine with your meal plan, then this diet may not be for you.

Sample 4 Day Diet Meal Plan


For breakfast you can have six ounces of plain yogurt with one serving of fruit and one to two teaspoons of psyllium husk. You can have one cup of coffee with one teaspoon of milk or cream and sugar.


For lunch, you can have two cups of leafy green vegetables and a half a cup of brown rice, one apple and half a cup of blueberries.


For dinner, a cup of brown rice with a cup of steamed vegetables and one cup of cooked beans will do. Have an orange on the side.


In the morning, a fruit like a pear is a great snack and in the afternoon a small salad can give you more nutrients.