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What is the 5 Day Miracle Diet

If you’re looking for a diet, you may have run across the 5 Day Miracle Diet. If you haven’t read all about it, you’ll want to know all the finer details before deciding whether or not to embark on it.


5 Day Miracle Diet


Adele Puhn is the person behind the 5 Day Miracle diet and it is centered on when you snack or eat to help stabilize your blood sugar level. The idea is to keep from the highs and lows so that you are able to keep from craving junk food, sugary food or foods high in fat. Another component of the diet is to restrict sugar, caffeine, starch and alcohol because of their effect on levels of blood sugar. You will find restrictions in foods like bananas, yogurt (except for Greek yogurt) and bagels because they are full of carbs. You are required to stick to the diet for five days in a row and then you get two days off.

How the 5 Day Miracle Diet Works

The biggest factor of this diet is to eat regularly and to avoid highly processed carbs. You are to eat a healthy breakfast within a half hour of rising, two hours later a snack and then just two hours later lunch. It’s important to get your lunch in before 1 and not to eat any more food after 7. Another snack will follow lunch by two hours and dinner two hours after this snack. Another important factor is to get your calories in before bedtime so your metabolism has a chance to deal with them and you don’t have big spikes in your blood sugar levels.

What Experts Say about the 5 Day Miracle Diet

Experts seem to be a little divided on this diet. While the idea of eating every two hours has been around for some time and has been proven to work, the general consensus seems to be that a diet only lasting 5 days can spell trouble.

Pros and Cons to the 5 Day Miracle Diet

The major bonus of the diet is that it can help to eliminate cravings, and the regular intervals of healthy meals and snacks will keep you full and certainly help to maintain proper blood sugar levels. In addition, many like the diet because it allows them a chance to focus on light meals many times in the day.

The downside of the diet is that if not carefully maintained, some people will overeat because they are required to eat every two hours. In addition, restricting certain foods can also cause some people to “fall from the wagon” and binge on junk foods.

Sample 5 Day Miracle Diet Meal Plan

Getting a glimpse at what a day on the diet might be like can help you make the decision if it’s for you or not. Here is a sample plan you could expect:


Warm oatmeal with fruit like raspberries or blueberries, nuts (almonds or walnuts) and Greek Yogurt is a common breakfast on the 5 Day Miracle Diet.


A leafy green salad with a lean protein such as salmon, turkey, chicken or tuna and a vinaigrette dressing is recommended.


Dinner might be a meaty stir fry (pork or beef) over brown rice with plenty of veggies.


Recommended snacks are nuts, veggies like celery, carrots and broccoli or fruits like pears, apples and berries.