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What is the 5 Factor Diet

The 5 factor diet plan revolves around the number five. Dieters eat five meals per day, each consisting of five ingredients and requiring only five minutes of preparation time plus five minutes of cooking time. In addition, the plan is built around five key elements: metabolism, exercise, calories, the glycemic index, and time for rest/recovery after exercise. There are five criteria for meals as well, such as low-fat proteins, carbohydrates that are low on the glycemic index, healthy fiber, healthy fats, and beverages that are entirely sugar free. The recommended exercise program consists of five exercises done for five minutes five days a week. Finally, the plan is followed for five weeks.


How the 5 Factor Diet Works

The 5 factor diet works by providing five meals per day that are nutritionally balanced and low on the glycemic index. This keeps blood sugar levels low to make dieters feel fuller after meals and hungry less often.  Food portions are also at recommended levels rather than the larger portions that non-dieters tend to eat. The meals consist of proteins, carbohydrates, and healthy fats. The plan also incorporates moderate strength training exercises to burn fat and calories as well.

What Experts Say about the 5 Factor Diet

Experts seem to agree that the 5 factor diet is nutritional and healthy. It does not severely restrict calories, and it offers a balanced diet with offerings from each of the food groups. Many experts agree that eating five small meals per day is beneficial because it helps to maintain metabolic functions, reduce hunger that can lead to overeating, and keep the levels of blood sugar in the body more stable. The exercise program is also a plus for this program, according to experts, because it teaches dieters that exercise is an important component for any weight loss plan. Many experts note that the main problem with this diet is that it is limited to five weeks, when in reality the plan of eating small, healthy meals five times per day would benefit a person post-diet as well.

Pros and Cons to the 5 Factor Diet

The meals on the plan consist of few ingredients and are quick and easy to prepare, which is a definite plus. There are also many foods to choose from, so dieters do not become bored from lack of variety. Eating five times per day keeps dieters full and satisfied so that they are not hungry, and they can eat foods that should accommodate any cravings they have. This plan also teaches dieters about portion control and preparing healthy, well balanced meals, which is another positive.

Some people find that the ingredients in many of the meals are too expensive, such as salmon mousse and fresh asparagus, which limits the variety of foods some users can afford. Another con is that few pre-packaged foods meet the plan criteria, so most every meal and snack must be prepared. This is a con for those who work and must eat three or four of their five meals per day away from home; they must spend time preparing and packing foods to take with them.

Sample 5 Factor Diet Meal Plan

The 5 factor diet includes five small meals per day, along with water or sugar-free beverages. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and two snacks make up the meals.


5 factor French toast


Curried chicken salad


Grilled chicken breast, wild rice, broccoli


Nonfat yogurt and 1 peach or a non-fat French onion dip and celery sticks.