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What is the 7 Day Diet

The 7 Day Diet is a diet plan that allows its users to eat as much as they want of certain foods on each specific day of the plan. The 7 Day Diet claims to be able to cause a rapid detoxification of your body and this leads you to lose weight. On one day you may be able to eat as many of the allowed fruits as possible. On the next day you will be able to eat at many of the approved vegetables as possible. The 7 Day Diet claims that if you follow its eating plan precisely, you could lose as much as fourteen pounds in the week.


How the 7 Day Diet Works

Since the 7 Day Diet is a very unbalanced eating plan, it can lead to fatigue and weakness. It is possible to see some fast loss of weight on the 7 Day Diet, but this is only because you are mostly eating vegetables and fruits all day, each day of the diet plan. Overall, it is just another fad diet with advantages and disadvantages. While it can lead to weight loss, it is not really possible to eat like that long term and keep the weight off. It can be helpful for people who are looking to just lose a few pounds quickly for a specific reason or event because it will give an immediate result. It is not an expensive eating plan and all the foods are easy to find.


However, the plan is so restrictive it can be very hard to follow and only eat the approved foods all day and keep up with it for an entire seven day period. The 7 Day Diet is not something that can be followed long term. If it is used long term, the user will develop serious deficiencies in nutrients as well as the calories their body will need to keep up with normal functioning.  The amount of calories that are eaten each day can actually slow down the metabolism of the user because the body will go into starvation mode, therefore retaining more fat and calories that will lead to weight gain in the long run. While some users of the 7 Day Diet have claimed they have lost up to 14 pounds in the week long period, this can be a very unhealthy amount of weight to lose in such a short amount of time. Losing weight this fast can be very unhealthy for most people and lead their bodies to shut down. Once they resume normal eating they will not only gain back the weight they lost on the 7 Day Diet, but more most of the time.

What Experts Say about the 7 Day Diet

The 7 Day Diet concerns most nutritionists and experts in the health field because of its low calorie and nutrient content. Experts think that the 7 Day Diet is simply too restrictive for it to be a healthy option for weight loss. The diet does not contain enough of the many essential nutrients and vitamins, including folic acid, calcium, iron, and many other vitamins. Also, the 7 Day Diet’s lack of variety can make it almost impossible to follow for a very long time. Even if it can be, experts warn it may actually lead to weight gain in the long run. Experts want people to lose weight by eating a well balanced, healthy, sensible diet, while exercising and getting the proper amount of rest each night. They are leery of fad diets like the 7 Day Diet because they are only a temporary fix that could lead to more health problems than they are worth in weight loss.

Sample 7 Day Diet Meal Plan

Eat all the green vegetables you want along with four 3 oz. piece of meat, fish, chicken, of beef.

Eat all the fruit you want (but not bananas) and drink as much fruit juice as you want.

Eat all the vegetables and vegetables soup you want.

Eat all the fruits, vegetables, and vegetable soup you want plus drink all the fruit juice you want.

Drink five glass of whole milk and eat five bananas

Eat all the green vegetables you want along with four 3 oz. piece of meat, fish, chicken, of beef.

Eat all the green vegetables you want along with four 3 oz. piece of meat, fish, chicken, of beef.