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What is the Acai Berry Diet

While there are many ads seen around the internet, in health food stores, fitness shops, and a number of other places touting the “Acai Berry Diet”, there is no actual eating plan that has to be adhered to.  A person will choose the diet of their choice and incorporate acai berries or acai berry juice into their eating plan.


How the Acai Berry Diet Works

The acai berry is highly perishable and pretty much impossible to export from its native Brazil in fresh form, so it is cultivated there and then freeze dried to preserve it.  Manufacturers then take the dried berry and transform it into capsules, tinctures, or juice.  There are many different acai products on the market today, and because there is no streamlined Acai Berry Diet, the dieter will simply intake the acai in the manner recommended on the packaging.  This means that a person will either take two capsules with every meal, incorporate several drops of a tincture in food or drink, or consume acai via an already prepared acai drink once or several times a day.


Any diet plan can be used, but it is often paired with a low calorie, low fat diet or a high protein, low carb diet.  The dieter will also be left to choose which type of exercise plan to follow as well.  It is up to the dieter to choose which diet they wish to follow in conjunction with taking the acai berry.  Some acai berry products come with recommended eating plans and exercise regimens.


What Experts Say about the Acai Berry Diet

The acai berry has been touted as having all sorts of beneficial properties such as being a powerful antioxidant, an amazing weight loss aid, an energy booster, a cancer destroying substance, and a number of other things.  However, the fact is that while research has been done which shows acai can be beneficial to removing cancerous cells, the hype surrounding it being a “super berry” that cures just about everything has not been substantiated through scientific study.  While acai does have more antioxidants present than an apple or cranberry juice, it has less present than blueberries or black cherries.

As to the claims that the acai berry helps melt fat away, there is no supporting evidence from any valid studies for this either.  While it may be beneficial in other areas of health, the only evidence available that it promotes weight loss is anecdotal at best – again, there have been no studies done that support the claim that acai helps in losing weight.  Because each “Acai Berry Diet” is different (some suggest low carb eating and others suggest low fat, low carb), many experts agree that it is likely the change in eating and adding exercise that is causing the weight loss, rather than the acai berry.

It is important to note, too, that the usage of acai berries shouldn’t have any negative side effects if included in a person’s daily diet.  If a person has any allergic reactions after ingesting acai, then it should be removed from the diet.  However, as long as a person doesn’t have any allergy issues with berries of this type, acai should be perfectly safe to take and may be preferable in taste to other antioxidant type foods such as blueberries or black cherries.

Sample Acai Berry Diet Meal Plan

Because each acai product is different, it is difficult to provide examples of what a typical daily menu might look like.  However, most products, whether they are capsules, juice, or some other format, have instructions that say acai should be taken with each meal.  The person who intends to follow an Acai Berry Diet will first have to choose a base diet.  Popular choices are low fat, low calorie and low carbohydrate diets.

If a low carb eating plan is followed, a daily menu might look something like this:


  • 2 eggs
  • 2 slices of bacon
  • Glass of acai juice


  • Salad greens with grilled chicken and Caesar dressing
  • 2 acai capsules


  • Grilled steak with garlic and pepper rub
  • Salad of romaine lettuce, cucumber, radishes, and ranch dressing
  • 2 acai capsules

If a low fat menu is followed, a daily menu may look like this:


  • Spinach and tomato omelet made with egg substitute
  • Acai capsules


  • Chicken and apple salad made with low fat vinaigrette


  • Grilled orange chicken
  • Tossed salad greens, cucumber, and radishes with low fat vinaigrette
  • Low-fat 100 calorie ice cream bar for dessert