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What is the Acne Diet

Acne can be frustrating and even depressing to many individuals. There are all sorts of ideas associated with what you eat and acne as well. Because of this there are some diets you may want to consider to clear up your skin. Getting a closer look at the Acne diet can help you decide if it’s right for you.

Acne Diet

The foundation of the diet is to eat more foods that are good for your skin such as fresh fruits and veggies, nuts and seeds. Eating food that is raw is promoted because it offers more vitamins and nutrients and less chemicals.

Steer clear of saturated fats as well as fats. Meats and dairy that isn’t very lean is generally promoted as a food to avoid. Foods rich in Omega-3s should be consumed or a supplement taken.

How the Acne Diet Works

The diet works by getting the body to stop with an overdrive of oil by lowering the amount of calories and fat eaten. This tends to decrease the amount of break outs. In addition, lowering the amount of calories (in particular carbs) has been said to help reduce outbreaks.

What Experts Say about the Acne Diet

Many studies have shown that there is a relation between diet and acne. The trouble is that it can be highly individualized and therefore hard to pinpoint. There is some basis in the fact that there are some people who have food allergies and some who just have skin issues when they eat certain foods. Because of this it can be hard to make a widespread diet known for everyone who suffers from acne.

Pros and Cons to the Acne Diet

The benefit of the acne diet lies with the fact that clearing up skin can make a person feel better and have more confidence. Eating healthier is always a great benefit all the way around, but seeing it appear in the amount of acne break outs your skin has can be a huge motivator to live with the diet regularly.

One of the pitfalls of the diet is finding your trigger foods and steering clear of them. It can be difficult to eliminate your favorite foods even if you know they are a root cause for you having a break out. In addition, for many this diet will be very restrictive and thus can be difficult to follow. If it’s a food allergy, then even just one slip up can cost you your clear skin.

Sample Acne Diet Meal Plan

It can’t be stressed enough that this diet may be very individual. Because of this pay attention to your body and your skin. Do you notice anything different when you eat this or that? If you don’t see a difference then perhaps you don’t need to eliminate that item from your diet. Here is what a sample day may look like for the average person following the Acne Diet:


Greek yogurt or fresh fruit and oatmeal are a great way to start the day on this diet.


Lunch should be steamed veggies and brown rice with tuna.


For dinner it’s not a bad idea to have turkey or even a little beef. Don’t smother it in gravy or sauces and pick a side like squash, green beans or a salad.


Remember the key is to stay away from junk food. Foods with high salt and fat content have been shown to cause outbreaks.