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What is the ADHD Diet? Best ADHD Diet

Diet plays an important role in many parts of our life. It is a known fact that an improper diet can lead to many different types of diseases. In addition to this there are recent studies that show how much a good diet can alleviate diseases that were previously not associated with the diet at all. Consider how what you eat may affect ADHD.


What is the ADHD Diet

The idea behind the ADHD diet is that environmental factors such as poor diets heavy in toxins during pregnancy, food coloring, sugar, additives, and caffeine might all contribute to the disorder. Though there are some studies that show there isn’t a relation to sugar and ADHD, there are many who note a difference in their children when they consume sugar.


How the ADHD Diet Works

The diet works in a couple of different ways. First of all it needs to have the person’s entire diet looked at. This can help to point out when larger problems occur and if they are associated with certain foods and therefore a food allergy. Next, there will be many items that need to be eliminated. Namely those that have high amounts of colors added as preservatives, additives and processing. Sugar, caffeine and other stimulants will also need to be minimized. The final part of the diet will be to make sure the right supplements are taken. The main idea is to get the brain to function more in an effort to lower symptoms of ADHD.

What Experts Say about the ADHD Diet

Many studies have shown that children in a small percentage only benefit from a diet that is free of all additives. Although the studies aren’t pointing toward high rates of change in ADHD it doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be tried. Showing a positive change with ADHD is well worth the sacrifices you may make for the diet to work well.

Pros and Cons to the ADHD Diet

The positive results that can be seen with this diet lead many people to feel very comfortable with the changes they must make. Being able to control ADHD without heavy, daily medications is a great way to feel better. As a parent, seeing your child better able to manage school work and activity can be a real uplift and help you get through the slumps of the diet.

The negative side is that the diet can feel very restrictive. Getting into the groove of eliminating many highly processed foods will be very difficult at first, but it gets easier with time.

Sample ADHD Diet Meal Plan

There are a few different takes on this diet, one of which is making sure to add the supplements that you need to get the proper nutrition. This can be done by way of adding new foods to your diet or taking vitamins. One of the biggest components is getting enough Omega-3 fatty acids. These can be found in fatty fish like tuna and salmon as well as many nuts and olives.


Oatmeal with nuts, berries and Greek yogurt or scrambled eggs to start the day is recommended on this plan.


A tuna fish sandwich on very dense bread or tuna over brown rice with steamed veggies makes a good midday meal.


Turkey or chicken breast with avocado slices and steamed veggies should round out the day.


The best snacks are fruits and veggies that are fresh or lightly steamed, yogurt that is low-sugar (Greek is best) and cottage cheese.