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What is the Banana Diet

For many people the trick to dieting seems elusive their entire life. For others, they are happy to report they never really have to go on a diet. If you are part of the first group you’ll want to do some reading to find the best diet for you. Take for instance the Banana Diet and what it entails.


Banana Diet

The banana diet started as a trend when Japanese opera singer announced she’d lost 15 pounds with the “morning banana” diet. It swept Japan so quickly that there were even banana shortages. The diet is easy to follow because the only rule is eating bananas for breakfast, anything else you want but nothing after eight and only drinking room temperature water with meals. You aren’t allowed to have dairy, dessert, ice cream or alcohol and only one sweet afternoon snack.


How the Banana Diet Works

There are some suggestions that the diet works because of the enzymes in the bananas promoting digestion and facilitating elimination. There is another thought that it has to do with a type of starch in the banana and fiber that works to create a feeling of being full as well as burning fat. There are studies that show that the starch is resistant to digestion and therefore may block carb conversion.

What Experts Say about the Banana Diet

Many experts will tell you that bananas are very healthy and a great part of a lot of diets for weight loss. They will also council that most diet plans that start with a breakfast of purely carbs can lead to hunger and cravings all day long. For this reason, some will suggest altering the diet slightly to better keep your cravings at bay. In addition, they will tell you that there is nothing special about not eating after 8pm but it’s more important to pay attention to the amount and calorie intake you’ve had throughout the day. If moderation is already hard for you this may not be the right diet.

Pros and Cons to the Banana Diet

One of the biggest advantages of the diet is that it’s very simple to follow.  All you have to do is make sure your breakfast consists of only bananas and that you don’t eat again until lunch. People are drawn to the plan because of it being so simple.

Some of the major downsides to the diet are that it can be restrictive. You can’t eat after eight at night and for many working people this can be very difficult. In addition, you can’t enjoy dessert, ice cream, dairy products or alcohol. All of these limitations can make things even harder for many who are on the diet.

Sample Banana Diet Meal Plan

If you’re looking for a good diet, the first thing you really need to look at is what you will be eating. This can help you decide whether or not it’s for you. This is an idea of a sample day while on the Banana diet.


Eat as many bananas as you need until you are full and chase with a glass of water that is lukewarm.


You can have any meal that you choose.


You can have any dinner you would like as long as you stop eating before 8pm. No desserts are allowed.


In the afternoon (around 3) you can enjoy something sweet if you are hungry.