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What is the Bernstein Diet

Losing weight and being healthy can be a lifelong commitment. This will mean reading and researching as well as making changes that you can live with on a day to day basis. You’ll need to commit to more exercise in addition to finding an eating plan that works for you daily.

Bernstein Diet

The Bernstein Diet is one that is comprised of a few phases and visits to a clinic to get a person to lose the weight they need to lose. Generally they will visit a clinic 3 times a week and most on the program are able to lose between 4 and 5 pounds.  One thing you will be doing on this diet is learning how to count the carbs in everything you eat. He recommends that you get 6 or less carbs for breakfast and 12 or less for lunch and dinner. Because the primary component is knowing how stable your blood glucose is, you are recommended to test it at home regularly.

How the Bernstein Diet Works

The program is a low calorie diet combined with education and behavior changes. In addition, those on the plan will take supplements to get through the diet. Most are guided to eat between 800-1350 calories in a day. The diet is meant to help a person shed fat tissue while still retaining their fluids, electrolytes and muscles. The diet is known for the supplements being taken through injections.

What Experts Say about the Bernstein Diet

Many studies have shown that this diet can help with those who need to lose a large amount of weight and even those who are just looking to lose a moderate amount. There are precautions put out from the American Diabetes Association that those with diabetes shouldn’t be on the diet even though it is meant to be for those with diabetes. The biggest problem seems to be that there is a lack of research on the long term effects of those on this diet.

Pros and Cons to the Bernstein Diet

One of the positive aspects of this diet is that if you are controlling your sugar levels well you can manage diabetes in a much safer fashion. If you lose weight while on the diet it will also help you to manage the disease.

The downside is watching your blood sugar levels all the time and being on such a restrictive diet. Also, many say the plan is fairly expensive.

Sample Bernstein Diet Meal Plan

For those with diabetes, it is important to check with your doctor before trying any diet plan. Blood sugar and insulin is so critical to maintaining your health that you will want to make sure you keep a very close eye on yours while following this regimen. Here is a sampling of what your day might be like on this diet.


One cup of whole milk yogurt that is unsweetened, several tomato slices and a cup of coffee might be what you decide to have for breakfast on the Bernstein diet.


For lunch, lean turkey or chicken with a cup of leafy greens or steamed non-starchy veggies is suggested.


For dinner you may enjoy salmon or a cut of red meat that is very lean with more leafy greens or steamed veggies.


A couple of snacks between meals are recommended to keep blood sugar stabilized. Veggies like mushrooms, bell peppers and celery are acceptable as well as some fruits on the Bernstein diet. Fruits like apples and oranges can also be used as snacking foods.