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What is the Bikini Bootcamp Diet

The Bikini Bootcamp Diet is a meal and exercise diet program which was created by Erica Gragg and Melissa Perlman who founded the Amansala Spa south of the border. The spa is one of the most visited retreats of celebrities and supermodels who want to go on vacation. The program says that it is possible to lose anywhere from four to ten pounds and get a bikini body in just 2 weeks. The program is a combination of healthy eating, meditation, motivation techniques and exercise.


How the Bikini Bootcamp Diet Works

When you hear the term bootcamp, you may picture relentless workouts, but the program creators assure us that you will not be left extremely tired. The program is designed to energize you, not only with healthy eating and exercising, but also addressing any psychological aspects that may need help. The program does not skip any breakfasts so that the metabolism keeps working. Snacks are approved and portion size should be monitored. Slow eating is emphasized while you are on the program.


What Experts Say about the Bikini Bootcamp Diet

The diet program is getting good reviews from the experts. says that the program is worth looking into but that it is not just a two week program, but rather a lifestyle change. also likes the diet as it offers a new take on a Caribbean resort vacation. The one thing that the program does not get good reviews with is the overall price, as it can cost close to $2000.

Pros and Cons to the Bikini Bootcamp Diet


The program has been tried and succeeded in helping many people already meet and exceed any goals they may have. The program can be more accessible by using the book and the online site makes it interactive and comprehensive. The program has a personalized program which outlines exercises and meals necessary to meet goals. Another pro is that there are over 75 recipes available so you will not have a monotone diet and you can get a free customized preview of the plan.


The entire bikini ready promise can be a bit unreasonable depending on your body type. Customer support is not really a focus of the program. Actually going on the retreat can be a costly price as the retreat is located in Tulum, Mexico. There is a two hour exercise commitment each day.

Sample Bikini Bootcamp Diet Meal Plan


For breakfast time, a person in the program can have a cup of low fat yogurt with a half a cup of fruit. You can also add a hard-boiled egg to your breakfast.


For lunchtime, you could enjoy a four ounce slice of steamed fish of your choice. You can serve it with about a half a cup of beans in a mix with one cup of steamed tomatoes, onions and bell peppers.


Your dinner can include one and a half cups of fresh vegetables, either broiled or steamed. You could also have skinless chicken breast, baked and seasoned with salt and pepper and lemon juice. All of it served on a bed of brown rice. If you want to replace the chicken, you can do so with a six ounce grilled fish with red kidney beans and steamed vegetables.


A good snack in the afternoon would be half of a whole wheat pita with two tablespoons of hummus. You can add three cucumbers and three carrot sticks to the snack.