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What is the Blood Sugar Diet?

Facts for the Blood Sugar Diet

A person who has diabetes or someone who wants to reduce their sugar intake could be looking at a blood sugar diet. It is no wonder that diabetes is one of the most suffered conditions in the United States as the USDA estimates that the average person consumes an average of 156 pounds of sugar every year. On average, that means over a cup of sugar each day. That said, a blood sugar diet can benefit not only diabetics, but also people looking to lower their calorie intake.

Blood Sugar Diet

A blood sugar diet is something that you have to be mentally prepared for. There are some things which should be avoided that people are just used to consuming every day. That includes soda, candy and fast foods because sugar may be found in high quantities in those foods. Other foods that you may not even think about which have a lot of sugar include yogurt, peanut butter, ketchup and even some crackers. Low fat products can also have a lot of sugar to replace the taste of the fats. In short, you would have to avoid processed foods, watch portion sizes and stay informed by reading food labels. If the ingredients end with the letters -ose, chances are there is a lot of sugar in them.

What Experts Say about the Blood Sugar Diet

A study published in the Journal of The American Medical Association suggests that a blood sugar diet is a great way to keep the weight off. The diet in the study used whole grains, low fat meats, brown rice, fruits and vegetables, olive oil, nuts and beans. The people in this type of diet actually burned a hundred and fifty more calories than a group on a low fat diet. The type of diet also reduces the risk of a heart condition.

Pros and Cons to the Blood Sugar Diet


  • You get to lose weight with a healthy diet.
  • It helps you control blood sugar levels.
  • There are a lot of different options for very delicious food.


  • Different plans may have different requirements in nutrients. Additional nutrients may be required.
  • There are limited options when it comes to selection.
  • A lot of reading is required.

Sample Blood Sugar Diet Meal Plan

There are plenty of options of food that you can have when you have diabetes.


You can have a poached egg with a slice of white toast and a couple of slices of bacon. If you want to make it even better, have a one egg white omelet with a slice of whole grain toast and a slice of ham.


Lunch can be one of the tricky meals when you have diabetes because the options when you are at work are limited. Some of the best options would be a salad with raw vegetables. To add flavor you can add sprinkled nuts, flavored vinegars or fat free salad dressings. A sandwich with whole grain bread is great (if you want to make it a little different, try wheat tortilla). Add turkey, grilled chicken or ham and vegetables. Low fat mayonnaise or hummus can be added to the sandwich. Pizza is not a bad option either provided that you have thin crust and light cheese.


Dinner ideas can be great and even make you feel as if you are not really on a diet. How does meat loaf with green beans and mashed potatoes sound? Or chicken with brown rice and steamed broccoli? Pasta can be had, especially if you make it whole grain pasta.