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What is the Body Trim Diet

There are a ton of different diets out there that you can try when embarking on the path to better health. This is fabulous because it gives you a chance to figure out what will work for you the best and what might be better left untried. Consider these basics of the Body Trim Diet:


What is the Body Trim Diet

Originally an Australian weight loss program designed by Geoff Jowett, an award winning personal trainer, the Body Trim diet has become popular in many areas. It is designed around teaching people what, when to eat and why.


How the Body Trim Diet Works

It has become well known that a high protein diet that is low in processed carbs offers a way for people to lose weight without starving. The diet also works to keep people from going long bouts without eating, which can cause problems with blood sugar levels. The diet works by helping the dieter to stabilize their blood sugars and therefore drop the unwanted pounds.

While in the diet you’ll have a few phases you go through. In the first one you’ll only eat protein for a few days and drink three liters of water plus also walk for a half hour a day. You will then enter the next phase and start to lose weight, during which you’ll only have low carbs and veggies along with lean proteins. In addition you’ll still walk for a half hour and drink at least two or three liters of water daily. There will also be a third phase where you are allowed more healthy carbs. You are told to never go more than three hours without eating and to make sure to incorporate a free day once a week.

What Experts Say about the Body Trim Diet

Many experts like that the diet has such a strong support system set up for those who need it. They are also hesitant to recommend it because it can be costly and the long term studies haven’t come in yet.

Pros and Cons to the Body Trim Diet

Most people on the diet will find they don’t have a big appetite because the high amounts of protein they are eating will help to reduce their cravings. In addition, many report that it is an easy diet to follow because the guidelines are simple. Also, many enjoy that it doesn’t require the use of supplements as well. Finally, you will be able to find some recipes for the diet as well as support online and through the phone service.

The problem with this diet is that it can be difficult to stick to it because it can be very limiting and restrictive. In addition, it does require quite a bit of effort for planning meals. It doesn’t push for people to seek balanced exercise and the shakes involve a cost. Finally, some dieters have trouble with a high protein diet that doesn’t offer many carbs. People may experience headaches, constipation and fatigue.

Sample Body Trim Diet Meal Plan

If you’re looking to get started on a diet you’ll want a good idea of what you’ll be able to eat each day. Consider what a daily meal plan would look like if you were on the Body Trim Diet.


Smoked salmon with eggs on toast is a common breakfast while on the Body Trim Diet.


Consider ricotta and zucchini rolls for lunch with a crisp green salad.


Dinner can be a beef or lamb curry with steamed green veggies.


Snacking in between can consist of the Trim shakes, lean turkey, fresh veggies like cucumber and celery and chicken drummies.