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What is the Brown Fat Revolution Diet

The Brown Fat Revolution Diet is a diet plan which puts the consumption of fats in a different light. It separates fats into good fats which can be your friend and bad fats or yellow fats which have a negative influence on your body. The difference between the fats is that yellow fat is what we usually see as body fat. This is the storage for the extra calories that we consume. The brown fat, on the other hand, actually helps you generate heat and burn calories.


How the Brown Fat Revolution Diet Works

When you get the Brown Fat Revolution Diet book by James R. Lyons, you will notice that the first part of the book focuses on the science of fat. When it comes to the meals, there are six smaller meals that the dieter will eat every day. A meal should be had both before as well as after exercising which is supposed to keep metabolism at a good level. It also helps replace yellow fat with brown fat. The book also includes a meal plan which lasts four weeks and which gives option to vegan and vegetarian dieters. Some of the recommended foods in the diet include fruit, vegetables, legumes, whole grains, seeds, nuts, fish, chicken breast, olive oil and non-fat yogurt.


What Experts Say about the Brown Fat Revolution Diet

Connie Diekman, who is the nutrition director at Washington University and a past president of the American Dietetic Association, loves the exercise program included in the Brown Fat Revolution Diet. She does, however, think that the meal plan can be hard to sustain for some. Each day a dieter is getting anywhere between 1200 and 1500 calories which can be a little difficult. The plan is made to increase a person’s metabolism and develop a high proportion of the brown fat, the benefits have not yet been sustained.

Pros and Cons to the Brown Fat Revolution Diet


The Brown Fat Revolution Diet specifically targets women over the age of 30, so if you are in that age group, you are likely to see better results. Another good thing about the diet is that healthy fats as well as low glycemic carbs are encouraged. Exercise is also encouraged with a healthier diet and it does not give unrealistic weight loss expectations to the people in the program. The fact that it includes vegan and vegetarian options may be a plus to people following that lifestyle.


While a lot of experts say that brown fat will lead to weight loss, it is not a consensus as of yet. The diet is also not something that is very new. It is actually very similar to diets which are high in protein and reduced in carbs. The diet does not encourage cardio exercise and it will not appeal to younger women or men.

Sample Brown Fat Revolution Diet Meal Plan


For breakfast have oatmeal with cinnamon and apples and skim milk. Whole wheat toast with berries and peanut butter can also be had.


For lunch, have a spinach salad and add salmon or tuna with an oil and vinegar topping.


For dinner, one of the best meals will include brown rice with grilled chicken breast, steamed broccoli and a broth based soup.


For meals between and snacks, you can have non-fat yogurt and trail mix. Raw veggies and hummus are also an option.