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What is the Cambridge Diet?

The Cambridge Diet has been around since the 1970s and many women have been using it as a way to crash diet, as it is based a lot in liquid foods, and that means that the body will shed any water weight rather fast. While there is a very good chance that the diet will work in helping you lose weight, it should be done only for very short periods of time if at all. The name of the Cambridge Diet comes from the fact that in the 70s when it was created, it was by Cambridge University in England. Many different medical experts and nutritionists have looked at the plan and have come to almost universal conclusions about it.


How the Cambridge Diet Works

When you are on this diet, you will be consuming three shakes a day. The shakes available for the Cambridge Diet come in several flavors which can be anything from chocolate to eggnog. There are two different styles of shakes: food for life or original. Food for life has about 51 grams of protein and about 140 calories. The original has only 41 grams of protein and only 110 calories. When you consume the total of three shakes a day, you will only be taking in anywhere from 430 to 800 calories. The maximum number of weeks for the diet plan is four weeks and you should be drinking a lot of water so that you do not dehydrate. You start the diet with the original flavors and end with the food for life.


What Experts Say about the Cambridge Diet

According to experts, the Cambridge Diet can in fact be risky and it should only be used under a doctor’s supervision. In the United Kingdom, the diet is not available other than through accredited counselors. People on the diet should have a minimum body mass index of 25. Lucy Jones from the British Dietetic Association says that the diet is overall medically safe, but not everyone should be using it. This diet, according to Ms. Jones, will see rebound weight gain, so it is mostly used in cases when surgery is too risky due to the weight of the patient.

Pros and Cons to the Cambridge Diet


Weight loss is possible with the Cambridge Diet. The diet gives you fast results if you are experiencing a time crunch and the shake comes in a wide variety of flavors.


The diet cannot be sustained in the long term because of the calorie restrictions. The diet also means that you will not or should not be exercising, being that you will not have enough energy to do so. Nutrition is not at the forefront of this diet. In fact, dieters will not have antioxidants or nutrients they would otherwise get from whole grains, fruits and vegetables. Rebound weight is most likely to happen and finally, the Cambridge Diet is regarded as a risky diet to put yourself through by the medical community.

Sample Cambridge Diet Meal Plan

The Cambridge Diet means that you will be having a shake for each mealtime. There are only three meals in the Cambridge Diet. That means that you would be having three shakes each day. Unfortunately, there is not much variety and meals between are non-existent. Even things such as fruit are discouraged when on the Cambridge Diet plan.