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What is the Cardiac Diet?

The Cardiac Diet is a three day diet which promises that you can lose ten pounds in those three days. The diet program can also be found as the Birmingham Hospital Diet. The idea of the plan was that patients who needed to lose weight quickly for surgery would be put on that diet, but the Birmingham Hospital in Alabama does not take responsibility for the diet. Menu plans are different, but they all have one thing in common and that is calorie restriction.


How the Cardiac Diet Works

The Cardiac Diet works because of the calorie restriction which tends to be very intense. Though the total result may not be the ten pounds, the diet itself usually does result in a good amount of weight loss. Menu plans are given to the dieter for a total of three days and the plan includes breakfast, lunch and dinner. The amount of calories each day can be close to 1000 calories and that is why weight loss can easily happen. Plenty of water should be had during the diet to help digestion and to stay hydrated. The diet plan only lasts a total of three days and after that a change is required.


What Experts Say about the Cardiac Diet

The former director of the Cleveland Clinic, Cindy Moore, does emphasize that the plan is not connected to the Cleveland Clinic as it is sometimes said. In fact, the diet itself is not very nutritionally sound. However, she does say that weight loss does happen because of the low calorie intake. The concern is about the fact that you are consuming less than 1000 calories a day and that can lower your metabolism which means that you will gain weight the moment you go back to normal eating.

Pros and Cons to the Cardiac Diet


The Cardiac Diet has been around now for several years. The meal plans are actually easy to follow and the promised weight loss is actually a possibility. The meals tend to be easy to prepare and follow.


Some people can put their health in danger when following diets which are restrictive in calories. When on the Cardiac Diet, you should not expect the results to be there in the long term. In fact, after going back to your regular meal eating, you will more than likely gain the weight back. The low calorie intake can also slow down your metabolism. If you are sensitive to caffeine, then you should not try this diet. Finally, the Cardiac Diet can result in yo-yo dieting where a person loses and gains weight and the process keeps repeating.

Sample Cardiac Diet Meal Plan


For breakfast a person could have half a grapefruit or its juice as well as one slice of toast with peanut butter. Black coffee is also recommended. You can also have tea as long as you are using low calorie sweeteners.


One of the options that you have for lunch is to have a half cup of tuna with one slice of toast and black coffee again. Or you can also have tea with a low calorie sweetener.


For dinner, you can have three ounces of lean meat with a side of green beans and a cup of carrots. You can have a dessert of one cup of vanilla ice cream and a medium apple.


There are no meals between as the diet calls for only three meals each day.