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What is the Cheater’s Diet

It’s easy to look for a new diet, but once you start the search you’ll soon realize there are many out there for you to consider. Deciding which one is right for you may mean some research and will certainly mean some reading. Consider the following facts about The Cheater’s Diet.


What is the Cheater’s Diet

Dr. Paul Rivas is the person behind The Cheater’s Diet and he has been responsible for some 15,000 people losing significant amounts of weight. The main point his plan addresses is keeping boredom from repetitious diets at bay while boosting dieter’s metabolism. The name comes from the fact the diet is based around it not mattering whether or not you do cheat, but just how often.


How the Cheater’s Diet Works

During the week dieters are meant to follow a strict physical regimen as well as eating a low calorie diet but can have their weekends off. Daily you must eat three small meals as well as a couple of snacks. It is important that portion sizes are monitored and that the diet is similar to the Mediterranean style.

What Experts Say about the Cheater’s Diet

The experts consider that being free on the weekend works two ways. First, dieters enjoy the freedom to indulge in some of their favorite foods while they are also allowed to deviate and not get bored from what they are eating during the week. This helps to keep their metabolism higher and therefore keeps them burning more calories.

The biggest criterion of this diet is that when dieters are enjoying their freedom they don’t go too far astray. There piece of dessert is fine, but finishing the whole tray isn’t recommended.

Pros and Cons to the Cheater’s Diet

One of the biggest pro to this diet is the ability to enjoy days where you can eat what you want and essentially feel like you are cheating. This helps dieters stay on track and keeps them focused on the days they have to stick to the more rigid diet plan. In addition, it helps to keep their metabolism high and wards off the dieters’ plateau that many end up seeing.

One of the downsides of the diet is that many people get carried away when they are enjoying their free days. This can make it easy to miss out on the results you should be getting and disappoint a dieter. Another downside is there are many supplements that are recommended with the diet but Rivas doesn’t necessarily say you have to have them to see significant weight loss.

Sample Cheater’s Diet Meal Plan

Getting a solid idea of what you’ll be eating on a daily basis is important with any diet. If you’re considering The Cheater’s Diet, you will want to get an idea by reading through the following sample day.


To start your day you can have coffee with nonfat milk and artificial sweeteners, a half a grapefruit and two eggs.


For lunch you may enjoy tuna and non-fat mayo, lettuce and tomato on a tortilla that is whole grain. Add to that a cup of asparagus along with a glass of unsweetened tea.


Dinner should be comprised of a chicken breast that’s grilled, steamed veggies like broccoli and peppers and brown rice.

Good snacks for this diet are peanuts, hot chocolate with artificial sweeteners, and fresh fruits and veggies.