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What is the Clean Gut Diet

This diet, pioneered by the appropriately named Dr. Junger, focuses on the root causes of many diseases and ailments that affect the average American. This diet asserts that a clean gut is the first step in a healthy and happy lifestyle, and offers some help to keep your gut clean. It is based on the four R’s of functional medical science and practice. Remove, replace, re-inoculate, and repair, and you can lead yourself to a healthy lifestyle. The stomach is one of the most important pieces of your body, and fixing this root issue can give you more energy and remove many major and minor symptoms of illness and chronic syndromes.


How the Clean Gut Diet Works

This is not a calorie counting diet, which many nutritionists both laud and appall. Instead, you are given a series of foods for separate time periods. The diet itself is a month long program. The first twenty-one days are focused on removing the foods that may be causing a dysfunction. Lean proteins and sugar-free foods are the most commonly ingested. Most of the chosen foods are easy for your system to ingest, making you feel better daily. The next seven days are used to reintroduce foods that you would commonly eat, slowly, so you can identify the foods that are causing a dysfunction.


What Experts Say about the Clean Gut Diet

Most experts agree that keeping a clean gut is one of the most important aspects of a healthy lifestyle. It can prevent diabetes, depression, insomnia and dozens of other issues that Americans face every day. The fundamental medical science behind this diet is impossible to argue against, as it uses scientifically tested principles. Making this a thirty-day program, however, has deterred many people from trying this diet, although it would not be as effective otherwise.

Pros and Cons to the Clean Gut Diet


If you are suffering from a chronic illness or debilitating disease, no matter what it is, the clean gut diet can help you out quite a bit. It can also make eating healthy in the future much easier, as it orients your intestinal tract to handle these foods. It can also help you lose weight, though that is not the primary focus of this dietary plan.


Because it takes up to thirty days to see any real progress, as great as it is, some people may find it hard to stay on track. It can also be difficult to reach the recommended one-thousand calories a day requirement, because of the food choices that you are limited to. These extra limitations can also make it difficult to stick with the diet.

Sample Clean Gut Diet Meal Plan

This diet comes with over fifty recipes for you to try, so your options are pretty open. Here are three personal suggestions.


Egg whites over a lean protein is one of the better breakfast options available. Many people do not enjoy fish with their breakfast, so turkey is often recommended.


Legumes, salads, and fish are the primary choices for lunch, however some soups are recommended as well. Things that are rich, sugary, or hard to digest are especially frowned upon in the middle of the day.


Fish, fish, fish. Fish is the cleanest and healthiest of all meats, and this diet recommends that you ingest at least one meal a day with fish in it. Some alternatives are turkey, some chicken, and extremely lean beef. Oil is only permitted in very small quantities.