Why Cold Brew Coffee is Better + How to Make It

Why Cold Brew Coffee is Better + How to Make It

Hi there! How was your long weekend? We had amazing weather here in Richmond but sadly didn’t get to enjoy it as much as we would have liked because we spent most of the weekend gearing up for our move. We’re feeling really good about the packing progress we made so it was worth it. Plus, we did manage to sneak in some fun activities between packing boxes including a little cookout and a quick game of putt-putt so that nice. Having the long weekend was extremely helpful.

You know what else was helpful? Cold brew coffee! It’s been our packing fuel.
As I’m sure many of you know, Isaac and I are big coffee fans and we’ve been on the cold brew coffee train for years. We routinely make a batch of the concentrate in our Toddy every Sunday to enjoy throughout the week. It’s an essential part of our Sunday meal-prep. 🙂

We LOVE cold brew for so many reasons and I pretty much steer clear of regular brewed coffee whenever possible. If I’m traveling and my options are severely limited I’ll get an espresso drink or tea but rarely will you see me drinking regular drip coffee. My stomach (and tastebuds) just can’t handle it anymore.
Luckily cold brew is quickly becoming more mainstream. You used to only be able to find it at independent coffee shops, but now chains like Caribou Coffee and Starbucks are jumping on board. It’s pretty awesome.
So today I’m going to share a few reasons why cold brew is better and tell you a little about how we make ours. Who knows, maybe it will convince you to try cold brew for yourself.

Why is cold brew coffee so much…

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