Why it is critical to speak to a local Merchant Services expert

Does the new “EVM” mandate leave your business vulnerable? To discover whether your point-of-sale terminal is EVM compliant and whether or not your business has unnecessary liability schedule a “merchant services review” with a local expert. Remember when using a local pro $0.68 cents of every $1.00 spent stays in the local economy! Find, research, and book a local expert using All Business Card Directory search!


First, what is a point-of-sale payment terminal, and do I use one?

A point-of-sale terminal is the device used to complete a transaction using a credit or debit card. Point-of-sale terminals are commonly referred to as payment gateways, credit card terminals, payment systems, credit card processers, EFTPOS terminals, and many other slang terms. Some common point-of-sale payment systems are Square, First Data, Chase Merchant Service, and Shopify. The test is simple: you have a point-of-sale terminal if can accept a credit card by “swiping” their card?


How can I protect my business from fraud and unnecessary risk?

First, search for “Merchant Services” using’s customer-friendly search. Then filter through the listings researching the experts and reviewing their reviews as you make a decision about which expert to call. Once you’ve identified an expert you’d like to hear from, send them a message directly from their listing and schedule your appointment. Most experts will reply to their emails within 48 hours. There are many programs out there to upgrade your existing point-of-sale payment terminal. From your search results quickly contact several merchant services experts to request the details of any potential “special” incentive programs.

Using is the fastest way to find, research, and book local experts! Whether you are searching for a local expert or reinforcing the good reputation you have heard about your friend’s expert, using’s customer-friendly custom search will greatly increase your knowledge about that expert, and greatly reduce the amount of time you’ll need to spend online.