Winter Squash and Apple Soup + Bee Friendlier

Winter Squash and Apple Soup + Bee Friendlier

Hi there! First thing first, I can’t believe that tomorrow is Halloween! Are you dressing up? Handing out candy? Going to a party? I think we’ll be doing all three.

I’m actually pretty excited about it this year because for the first time ever, Isaac and I doing a couples costume. We don’t usually get this into costuming but for some reason we’re really into it — we went thrift store shopping last weekend and ordered a bunch of supplies online. So long as my dress gets here in time, we’ll be going as Sam and Suzy from Moonrise Kingdom. Oh, and I’m also dressing up for Pure Barre class tomorrow, but probably in a different costume since wearing a dress to class doesn’t seem very practical. My studio is having a Glow & Tuck party with black lights and glow sticks. I’m pumped!
Okay so back to the topic at hand…

Remember my trip to Washington state to visit the original farm where the Cascadian Farm brand got started? One big thing we talked about while touring the farm was bees. Yes, bees. They were a big topic while I was in California visiting the almond orchard as well. These little guys have created quite a buzz. The reason? One-third of everything that Americans eat depends on the pollination of bees and other pollinators!
In the United States alone, over one hundred crops need or benefit from bees. We have bees to thank for coffee, chocolate, almonds, tomatoes, blueberries, squash, broccoli and more. Bees are also vital to clover and alfalfa: two crops that feed cattle and other grazing animals.

So we get that bees are important, but…

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