Yogurt Breakfast Bowl

Yogurt Breakfast Bowl

A simple protein-packed yogurt breakfast bowl with plain yogurt topped with toasted coconut, walnuts, blueberries, chia seeds and maple syrup.

Happy Labor Day weekend friends! Hopefully you have some fun plans on the agenda… maybe a little swimming, a beach trip or a family cookout? Isaac and I are staying put in Richmond this weekend — which I’m perfectly content with after spending the majority of last week on a trip to Sacramento learning all about almonds, meeting new friends and drinking lots of wine. Plus this weekend was my best friend’s 30th birthday celebration here in Richmond — I had to be in town for that, obvi. 🙂

I’ll be sharing more about my almond tour experience and this weekend’s festivities soon but in the spirit of back to school I thought I would share a simple breakfast that I’ve been loving as of late.

Sometimes (eh, most of the time) I don’t have the time or energy to make something elaborate for breakfast before work. In cases like this, rather than just grabbing a piece of fruit I usually blend up a quick, portable smoothie or grab a cup of yogurt. Both have an adequate amount of protein and will keep me feeling full much longer than an apple or banana.

The good thing about this particular yogurt bowl is that it can be done two ways, depending on how your day is going.
1) Rushing — Keep it super simple (and portable) by toting a single serving of greek yogurt and a baggie of toppings with you wherever you’re going.
2) Lounging — Take your time and whip up a beautiful, café worthy yogurt bowl by putting the yogurt…

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